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Maaseh Avos Siman L’Banim … Stories of Greatness

A Personal Tikkun


                    Each year, when the burning heat of the summer sun became too much to bear, it was the custom of the previous Vizhnitzer Rebbe, R’ Yisroel Hagar ZT”L (Ahavas Yisroel), to travel to a mountain resort where the cool, fresh Carpathian air was a valuable and practical upgrade over the stifling city heat. Inevitably ….

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Hu Haya Omer … He would Say


R’ Yehudah Aryeh Leib Alter zt”l of Ger (Sefas Emes) would say:

          “’איכה ישבה בדד’ – The word ‘בדד’ stands for ‘בכל דרכיך דעהו’ – ‘In all your ways know Him.’ A Jew must see Hashem in all his ways – even in the bitter and twisted ways of Golus. If we can see Hashem in this crooked path, Hashem will ultimately lead us in a straight path. It is on Shabbos Chazon ….

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