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Torah Tavlin III

Al HaTorah U'Moadim with Tefillah & Haftorah

Stories and Sayings, Wit and Wisdom From Our Torah Leaders

With the popularity the Torah Tavlin series has been enjoying among so many readers, we present you now with a new volume of Torah Tavlin, this one including concepts in tefillah and the haftorahs! Torah Tavlin is known to have something in it for everyone. Whether you enjoy learning a lesson from a mashal, or you enjoy reading a story, or a halachah, or a dvar Torah, you’re sure to find that nugget that speaks to you, right in the pages of Torah Tavlin. As with all Torah Tavlin books, this latest volume is chock full of thought-provoking divrei Torah from towering rosheiyeshivah; inspiring hashkafah lessons from great mussarpersonalities; passionate stories of our Sephardic chachamim; "kurtz un sharf” meshalim of illustrious Chassidishe rebbes; and much more. Based on the parshah and haftorah, with a section for the Moadim, the vertlach contained in this sefer are written in a fresh and inviting style and will enhance your appreciation of the weekly parshahand haftorahs, as well as the Yamim Tovim, in a most palatable way. Torah Tavlin. It’s got exactly what you’re looking for, every time. By Rabbi Dovid Hoffman
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