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Torah Tavlin II

Al HaTorah U'Moadim

Stories and Sayings, Wit and Wisdom From Our Torah Leaders

It's been only a couple of years since the debut of the first Torah Tavlin, and already "Torah Tavlin" has become a name within the greater Jewish community. Readers could not seem to get enough of it and began clamoring for more! In response to this demand, here is the long-awaited second volume of Torah Tavlin. Like its predecessor, this latest volume of Torah Tavlin is chock full of thought-provoking divrei Torah from towering roshei yeshivah, inspiring hashkafah lessons from great mussar personalities, passionate stories of our Sephardic chachamim, "kurtz un sharf" meshalim of illustrious Chassidishe rebbes, and much more. Based on the parshah and divided by the days of the week, the one-page vertlach contained in this sefer are written in a fresh and inviting style and will thoroughly enhance your appreciation of the weekly parshah. By Rabbi Dovid Hoffman
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