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Likutei Torah Tavlin

Short and powerful vertlach in Lashon Kodesh al HaTorah U'Moadim

A well rounded collection of "vertlach" al HaTorah in Lashon Kodesh.

Rabbi Dovid Hoffman, author of the acclaimed Torah Tavlin and Heroes series is back! But this time with an all new, two-volume, all-Hebrew collection of the pleasing, "batampte" divrei Torah for which he is famous! These divrei Torah are on all of Chumash and the Mo'adim, and are not found in any previous English Torah Tavlin volumes. As usual, Rabbi Hoffman includes a potpourri of satisfying vertlach from the broad spectrum of Litvish, Chassidish, and Sefardic Gedolei Yisrael. Something for everyone! An excellent gift for Shabbos, Bar Mitzvah, or any occasion. By Rabbi Dovid Hoffman
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