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Parshas Yisro 5784

ואשא אתכם על כנפי נשרים ואבא אתכם אלי ... (יט-ד)

MASHAL: The eagle took off from her nest on a cliff’s edge as she begins her flight. She spreads her graceful wings as she soars above the land. The houses and buildings become smaller; the marketplaces and eventually even the skyscrapers became mere pinpricks. She watches the hustle and bustle fade to nothing as she peacefully flies on her way.

However, she too, must find food to survive. Her peaceful flight is not a pleasure trip; it is a hunt for survival. She scouts every corner of civilization from her vantage point up high for food to feed herself and her young ones.

At last, she sees something! Her mind races at warp speed as she ponders the best course of action. Swiftly, she swoops down between trees, back to the buildings and eventually between the people. Hoping nobody is paying attention to her, she reaches out and grabs the few morsels of delicacies lying on the ground. Success! Her act went unnoticed!

Glancing in both directions, she again spreads out her graceful wings and gives a flap ... she is back in-flight. She soars above the land and back to her fledglings. She feeds them and cares for them, as she watches them with pride. Now it’s time to take a nap. The eagle has landed!

NIMSHAL: When a person walks out of the Beis Medrash and sees the hustle and bustle of mankind, he may wonder what he is accomplishing by sitting in the Beis Medrash. He’s not making money or amassing wealth. His accomplishments seem so small compared to the successful entrepreneurs of the big world. The answer is that he is the eagle. He accomplishes far greater tasks by soaring peacefully above the busy world. One day he will be shown his nest - with much more provisions than all the businessmen in the world!



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