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Parshas Beshalach (Shabbos Shirah) 5784

וייראו מאד ויצעקו בני ישראל אל ה' ... ה' ילחם לכם ואתם תחרשון (י-א)

These words of Moshe Rabbeinu to Klal Yisroel - “Hashem will fight for you - and you will be silent!” - must reverberate for all generations, guiding us in all of life’s difficulties, so that we remember to daven and place our troubles upon Hashem and “remain silent” since it is only Hashem who brings about shidduchim, parnassa, and every other form of salvation.

The posuk tells us that as the Jewish Nation stood facing the sea, surrounded on all sides by the enemy and the elements, with nowhere to go and nowhere to turn, they grabbed onto the special craft of their forefathers (תפשו אומנות אבותם) and they prayed (Rashi). The culmination of all the avoda in Mitzrayim was this tefillah - עבודה שבלב - of Bnei Yisroel. Similarly, says R’ Yaakov Meir Shechter shlita, the moment that we turn to Hashem in prayer is the high point of all of our avodas Hashem.

There are many different jobs that require much time and effort in the raising of crops. One must plant, sow, water, plow etc. However, the most exciting and rewarding aspect of the work is the harvesting. Likewise, says the Baal HaTurim, with respect to prayer. A wonderful feeling of satisfaction can be attained by man through attaching himself to Hashem in prayer. The tremendous thrill and spiritual high of a gevaldige shemona esrai that was said with intention and deep emotion. You feel like you never want to move your feet from that place because YOU are truly connected to your source. This is the greatest pleasure that one can feel in the entire universe. And it is truly the greatest wealth that one can acquire in this world.

True, when our prayers are answered and Hashem fulfills our requests, it is easy to recognize the value of prayer. But tefillah has another benefit. It fills one with great joy and satisfaction as the one who harvests his crop after much toil. We are here to attach ourselves to Hashem. Prayer does exactly that. It allows us to attach ourselves in this lowly physical earth to the Master and Creator of the world. It is the culmination of all that we do and it has the power to bring us the greatest joy imaginable.



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