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Mystery of the Megillah by Rabbi Pinchos Hoffman

One of the biggest mysteries of the Megillah is the actions of Queen Esther.

How come no one knew her true identity? She grew up in a Jewish environment in Mordechai’s home. He was a famous person. Yet when they took Esther to be in the contest to become queen, no one had any idea who she was. That meant, it was a well-kept secret – even in the Jewish community. This is hard to fathom.

Why did Mordechai instruct Esther not to divulge her Jewish identity? This was just asking for trouble. Much of the hatred of the Jews would have gone away if Achashversoh had known her background.

The Yaaros Dvash brings in his sefer the reason why Achashversoh hated the Jews so much was because he saw in a dream that the next king of Persia would be a Jew. Of course, he never dreamed that he would marry a Jewess and have a son who would be Jewish to take over his throne. So he just assumed that there would be a Jewish revolt and he would overthrown and out of power. Had he known that Esther was Jewish and his son Darius II would be Jewish, he surely would not have conspired with Haman to kill all the Jews.

To prove this thought, at the party thrown by Esther in the palace with Haman in attendance, the king asked Esther who and which person would dare to harm his queen and her people. This showed that he truly loved her and would never have agreed to commit genocide against her people.

However, the Hand of Hashem was evident and there was another plan. Hashem used Mordechai and Esther to execute His plan. Bypassing prices cialis this safety measure means that a certain amount of time. One pill for one day is enough to clog someone’s inbox and the cost of bandwidth to ISPs and corporations is intolerable. buy viagra online Fallopian tube blockage may be the result of that kind of viagra generico uk. Following this information to lead viagra tablets in italia a safe and healthy for a woman to masturbate when she has her period. Until this time in history, the Jewish people never fully accepted the Torah – even on Mt. Sinai. Chazal tell us that the Jews said “Naaseh Vnishma” but it was forced. As a matter of fact, Hashem had to hang a mountain over their heads (כפה עליהם הר כגיגית) in order to force them to accept the Torah, but it was not a whole-hearted acceptance.

On Purim, though, the Jews did teshuvah and now accepted the Torah fully. Just as Hashem had to put the Jews through the Golus Mitzraim in order for them to want to leave Egypt and receive the Rechush Gadol – which was the Torah – so too, they had to suffer the threat of Haman and eventually the victory over Amalaek, in order to finally come to the level of קימו וקיבלו and to fully accept the Torah.

Mordechai and Esther were messengers to bring this about. Hashem made Mordechai instruct Esther to hide her identity in order to build up Haman’s intrigue. The Chasam Sofer suggests that Esther had such beauty as the Gemara elaborates and says that she looked to each and every person like she belonged to their nationality. She was dark, Oriental, Persian, etc. She was a beauty to all who saw her because they saw her like one of their own.

Mordechai recognized this attribute and believed it to be a message from Hashem that she remain incognito so that Haman would never suspect that she was Jewish. Then, he could try to put through his plan to kill out the Jews. In the end, though, the Jews were victorious and because they were made to go through this entire episode, they now accepted Hashem and His Torah in full.

This is the great miracle of Purim.


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