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Parshas Zachor - A sense of Mission

Writes the Shevet Sofer, “Amalek teaches us us how to serve Hashem!” We need to remember Amalek and learn to serve our "יוצר" - Creator, the way Amalek served their "יצר" - Satan! The way they followed their evil inclination is a powerful lesson for us how to serve Hashem! Amalek caused a great prosecution against the Jewish people! "אשר קרך בדרך" - they cooled us down from our enthusiasm to serve Hashem, "ויזנב בך כל הנחשלים אחריך" - they cut off all the stragglers from Klal Yisroel. All those people who just “following the crowd” - who were going through the motions of serving Hashem. Those people were cut off! The prosecution was against them! If Amalek can serve their Yetzer with so much enthusiasm and zerizus, then shouldn’t YOU serve Hashem with fire! Amalek caused us to be cold. They took away our fire and this is why we need to remember them.

We must remember Amalek every single day. Because one cannot be a “Shayna un Fayna Yid” just by going through the motions of Yiddishkeit. Of course, we keep Shabbos we eat kosher and we daven daily. But HOW do we keep Shabbos, eat kosher and daven? How do we keep all the mitzvos? Do you want to know HOW to do it right? Remember Amalek! Remember what he did and then you will know how to act towards Hashem!

Don’t be a straggler! Stragglers get cut off! Serve Hashem with passion, with determination and a sense of mission. This is the greatest revenge we can take on our enemies!


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