Halacha Series

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Rabbi Boruch Hirschfeld Shlit”a is a world-renowned Posek, Mara D’asra and Rosh Kollel of Kollel Ateres Chaim Boruch, Torah LIFE Institute, in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. For more than ten years, Rav Boruch has been giving of his limited and most precious time to write his unique Halacha column each and every week in the Torah Tavlin newsletter. These Halacha columns run the gamut of laws and customs that a Jew encounters on a daily basis. He is able to write these halachos in a concise and clear manner, each point carefully delineated and noted, with their sources displayed on the bottom of each page. Here, too, are excerpts of his Halacha columns that have been carefully organized by topic with each and every word tediously reviewed to ensure its accuracy and veracity.

Hashem should continue to bless Rabbi Hirschfeld with the ability to teach Torah and Halacha to others for many, many years, and may he and his family only enjoy happiness, health and nachas in their lives.

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